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Critical Bench Review

Bench press is a very intense and demanding exercise that is beneficial for the entire body. It helps mould the entire body with a solid pack of lean muscle and immense strength. Moreover, bench press is the easiest lift to keep track of when recording one’s weights and tracking one’s progress along the course. For these reasons, an increasing number of gym trainers and people all over the world consider bench press as the most desirable workout for the physique and power craved for. Critical Bench by Mike Westerdal leads all trainees to the techniques of bench press that help build a strong and muscular physique in one.

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What Is Critical Bench?

Critical Bench is a phenomenal best selling bench press guide penned down by Mike Westerdal. The guide has been written with the most recent knowledge about bench press and the inner muscular structure of a man. Critical Bench aims to help one increase their bench press by up to 50 pounds in 10 weeks.

The Critical Bench program is customizable according to one’s previous bench press record. According to the Critical Bench program, if one is able to increase their bench press by at least 20 to 30 pounds within the first month of starting the program, they shall be able to pack on a minimum of 10 pounds of muscle. This comprehensive program initials with the objective of making one stronger. Critical Bench states that the only way one can increase muscle is by increasing one’s stamina and strength. This way, lean muscle builds on and enables one to handle additional weights. The Critical Bench program follows a simple strategy of building muscles by increasing the weights on a gradual run. The strategy is bound to work wonders as it is set by a plain logic that adding more weight increases the stress placed on the body and the human body is designed to adapt to situations. Thus, to handle the additional stress, more muscle tissue builds up on the body.

Who Is Mike Westerdal?

Mike Westerdal gained experience as a professional football player and coach before he placed his foot on professional fitness training and acquired certification in the same from the American Council on Exercise. Westerdal is also an amateur power lifter and competes in the APF and APA fererations.

Mike has also contributed greatly to fitness seekers all over the world by sharing his experience and knowledge in the form of a muscle writer for various popular fitness magazines including REPS! And Monster Muscle. His articles can be found all over the internet. Mike spent a period of over 10 years studying and researching thoroughly before he compiled the Critical Bench program to target every set of muscle packs in the human body.

Does Critical Bench Hold Any Reliability?

The author’s experience and expertise itself announce how countable the program. Moreover, since it focuses on bench press alone, it covers every single aspect one needs to know in order to increase their bench press and thus build a heavy set of muscles. Critical Bench has seen success in the global markets ever since its launch. The users of the program testify the satisfaction they received after implementing on the program.

“I had been stuck at 340 lbs for a while, but the program helpedme break through that sticking point. After the ten week program I put up 390 lbs,” reports Angelo Griffin, who was able to increase his bench press by 50 lbs in a time period of just 10 weeks!

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Critical Bench In The Limelight

- Critical Bench is a short and comprehensive program compiled in a 31-page eBook.
- While putting on a good amount of lean muscle, one can lose a massive amount of excess weight from their body.
- This bench press training guide is written in an eBook format and is available instantly to download once the payment has been processed.
- Bench press is the most popular exercise routine. Critical Bench specializes in bench press alone which means it covers all aspects one needs to know about the exercise
- The training regimen is customizable to suit one’s physique and training level.

The Dark Spots In Critical Bench

- The Critical Bench program is available as an eBook alone. It cannot be found in the local market.
- The program is suitable only for those who follow the routine with discipline and diligence. It is not for couch potatoes.

What The Package Includes And Its Weight On The Pocket

Along with the Critical Bench eBook, the program is accompanied by Customized Training Logs as well as Bench Press Fundamentals Online DVD to keep track of one’s progress and get clear directions in video format.

Additionally, the package is packed with 4 bonus products which have been listed below:

- BONUS 1: The Critical Deload Routine
- BONUS 2: Critical Conversations With Elite Iron Warriors
- BONUS 3: Critical Exercise Guide
- BONUS 4: In-Depth Report On Creatine’s Usage In Sports

If all these products included in this package were to be purchased individually, they would cost $334.90. However, these are made available for just $47 from the official website of Critical Bench


Without any further question, bench press is indeed an ideal workout as it covers every muscle of the body. If followed correctly, one can gain a solid build of lean muscle with immense strength within a short span of time. After carrying out a thorough research on the Critical Bench program, there is no room for doubt that the guide is top-notch for those seeking training in bench press from a professional fitness trainer. Moreover, Mike Westerdal is also known to give personal assistance to all his customers. Considering all this factors, along with the fact that, like all other click bank products, Critical Bench comes with a 60 back unquestionable money back gaurentee, investing in this program is worth the dime. Moreover, a command over bench press also dramatically builds respect in the crowd.
Critical Bench

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